Calibration Tilt

Calibration Tilt helps you to mitigate a possible inclination of the work plan that can lead to an incorrect vision and relative measurement errors.

Position your Gauge blocks following the instructions on the screen and click on the image.

Move the gauge blocks following the proposed track by clicking in the image each time to confirm the position. The individual measures in pixels will appear on the right hand column.

After a few measurements, press the Evaluate button; the program will indicate with a green axis the direction in which the imbalance is present.

Put your gauge blocks in axis, press the Live button and try to minimize the error by tilting the plane along the indicated axis.

In Pin mode

position the cylinder in the FOV, drag the rectangle to include it, the system will immediately enter live mode. Change the inclination of the plane until you have a ratio of 1 at least up to the fifth decimal place.