Setting PLC controllers.

Click + to add a new PLC controller and make a pre-selection of the family type of PLC.

Enter the IP address and optionally change the name of the controller.

Also enter the number of available digital inputs and outputs channels, and finally number of available analog inputs.

With TimeON you can choose how many milliseconds the output, managed by an event, must remain active.

For each digital inputs and outputs you can assign the specific function and check its status; you can also activate or deactivate the outputs by clicking on the small circle.

If the same controller was used to manage n lights, in light settings, the first n channels are reserved for them.

You can also read the analog inputs and assign a multiplication and / or offset factor to be applied for each input.

The selected PLC controller is highlighted by -, to go to the next one select its name. To remove the selected PLC controller, use the trash icon buttons on the right side.

In the event of communication problems with the device, a red triangle with an exclamation mark will appear next to the name of the affected device.