Object Tree

Horus is an “object based” system, which means that a program is seen as sequence of tasks performed by object specifically designed; the sequence of these objects create the logic of the program and the analysis. Even if the program starts from a defined model / template , so the user can simply add what he is interested in, this explains why the objects are displayed in the tree in a particular order.

Every object element is composed by:

  1. Icon Object: the icon of the object;
  2. Name Object: the name of the object;

It is possible to inspect each primitive detected on the part; look the property bar and select “Primitive Analyze”.

If you want to delete a single item select it and press the trash icon. If you want to select multiple objects click with the right mouse button and all objects of that level or lowers will be selected. To deselect the single object click on it with the left mouse button, or right click if you want to deselect all.