Adjusts several common features.

You can choose the type of analysis between Live or Single Shot. It also possible to adjust the performance more oriented to the draw, to the measure or in-between.

The database is used to store the data and report of your measure. You can choose the folder here and the database name on the Object Tree by selecting the project home.

With Sound, you can enable or disable sound feedback on the measurement result.

With Color Dimension you can enable or disable the intermediate gradation in colors on the measurement result.

You can also choose whether to start with the default project, the previously opened project or open the project manager.

Show Captions makes the labels permanent on Main Console.

Through Visualization type you can switch from standard mode to guru mode. In the guru mode further technical parameters are displayed in Calibration Optic / Light to refine the calibration process.

You can also Export or Import the Machine Settings (data of project, collection, users, calibration, camera, motor, light, magnification, theme, global parameters and so on) on a single .mch file.